never achieved orgasm with my boyfriend which makes me sad because he feels likes he's doing something wrong! what should we try? you are giving us hope


Has he gone down on your clit? Practice makes perfect. Try new things. Be relaxed. Don’t over think it. 99% of the time orgasms do not happen because of mental blocks. Foreplay a lot as in get extremely turned on before he tries to get you off completely.

sorry I’m replying to all your stuff today haha! my advice would be to be responsible for your own orgasm. it’s super nice when your partner makes you come by themself, but it takes the stress off both parties if you don’t expect the other to be able to do it every time. try positions where you can rub your clit yourself (doggy, spooning, etc) because most women come from clitoral stimulation, and it’s not always possible for him to fuck you at a good pace while also rubbing your clit. if he can, keep him close, that’s some mad multi tasking lol